433P Porcelain Sealer

433P is the highest quality stain protection available for porcelain tile and is specifically formulated for high density materials like porcelain and is suitable for all finish types

$64.50 CAD

GranQuartz 433P Porcelain Floor Impregnator

433P is specifically formulated for high-density materials like porcelain and is suitable for all finished types. Use 433P in food service areas and restrooms to protect from discoloration caused by dirt and grease accumulating in the ultra-fine pores of porcelain tiles. 433P is UV resistant and leaves a totally natural appearance. Porcelain floor tiles can be some of the toughest surfaces to keep looking their best. While they are not susceptible to deep stain penetration, acid etching, or scratching from routine contact like natural stones, they do provide one significant maintenance challenge – dirt retention. Whether polished or unpolished, many porcelain materials have ultra-fine pores that allow dirt, grease, oil, and cleaning solution residue to accumulate just below the surface, making them extremely difficult clean.

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