GranQuartz 355E Color Enhancing/Impregnator Matte Finish

355E Color Enhancing/Impregnator-Matte Finish is a color enhancing silicon impregnator intended for use on honed and textured stone only. 355E offers a high degree of protection that enhances the natural appearance of stone without gloss and protects it from water based stains and mineral deposits.

Use 355E in all interior applications and most exterior applications where color enhancement is desired. 355E is UV resistant and allows the stone to breathe naturally.

    • Matte finish stain protection for honed, textured and other porous stone
    • Enhances natural appearance
    • Protects from water borne stains
    • Interior and exterior
    • Allows stone to breathe
Weight 950 g
Dimensions 4.8 × 3.5 × 8.3 in
Sealer Type

Silicone, Enhancer

Useful For

Textured Material

Not Useful For

Polished Stone


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