Simple Test For Selecting The Right Granite

selecting the right granite

Selecting the Right Granite


Whether remodelling your home or selecting fixtures for a new build, selecting the right granite for your kitchen countertops is an important decision; and should not be taken for granite! 

There are two important factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. Absorbency
  2. Acid sensitivity

When it comes to selecting the right granite for your kitchen countertop you do NOT want one that is too absorbent. You also do NOT want or one that is mixed with calcite (the main mineral in marble and limestone); as it is too soft. 

The softer the granite the easier it is to scratch, absorb spills and more likely it is to crack.  Take it from the experts in protection and restoration of natural stone. We’ve been restoring granite and other natural stone surfaces for over 40 years!

There’s a simple test that can help you make a more informed decision; it’s called the lemon juice and oil test.

Lemon Juice and Oil Test 


First, line up the granite samples next to one another and wipe them down to get rid of any dust or debris. Next, pour a few drops of lemon juice and cooking oil on each of the samples.

There are 3 common results from this test:

1. If the stain immediately turns dark where the juice and oil were applied to the stone, then the stone is highly absorbent. This means it is not ideal for a kitchen area. 

2. If the juice and the oil take a little time to get absorbed (roughly 30 seconds or a little more) than the stones absorbency can effectively be controlled by a quality impregnating sealer. We recommend sealing it with the 314P Premium Silicone Sealer about once/year. 

3. If a sample does not turn dark or absorb anything within half an hour or longer than this will be your ideal stone. This may not even require a sealer, however sealing all natural stone is generally recommended for extended lifetime. 

What were the results of your experiment? Share your discoveries in the comments below. 

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