Natural Stone at Home: Polished or Honed?

Polished or honed

Decisions, Decisions

After selecting the natural stone for your home, comes another important decision that needs to be made: polished or honed finish? 

In the beginning, all of your household stone surfaces basically start off the same. Whether it’s granite or marble, after the stone is excavated the slabs are cut and then sent through a grinding, polishing and buffing process to obtain the desired finish on the “face of the stone”. Which finish do you choose? Well, that depends. Here are some of the basic advantages of each natural stone finish that we hope will help you make a more informed choice about what’s right for your home.  

Polished Natural Stone

Polished natural stone is a thing of beauty. The glossy mirror-like finish accentuates the natural colour and crystal of the stone. The high gloss polished finish seals off more of the pores in the stone and repels moisture. The texture is smooth, and not very porous. These attributes are what make a gorgeous granite or marble countertop the crown jewel of your kitchen. While it’s easier to keep clean and free of stains polished marble is more likely to show etches and watermarks

Honed Natural Stone

Honed stone has a satin, smooth look and feel. The finish gives the stone a matte (unpolished) finish rather than a glossy one, with little to no reflection. It’s very porous and natural looking, and the colour will be lighter than a polished finish. This is ideal for floors and staircases or any surface where water could be present as it offers more traction. Honed stone tends to show less etching, however, it must be sealed more frequently. We recommend sealing honed surfaces once every year to preserve the finish.  

Choosing between polished or honed natural stone for your home is an important choice. Everyone’s natural stone needs are different. Some key questions to ask yourself before making your decision are: Where am I planning to use this stone? What do I want the face of the stone to look like? How much care and maintenance am I willing to do? 

With the expertise of your stonemason and local fabricator, you will be able to design the perfect combination of beautiful natural stones and finishes that are uniquely you. Whatever option you choose is the right one! 

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